Thirteen-Seven have been busy working on their latest release and best work to date.  This uncompromising and full hearted first album release “Shine Like the Sun” is currently being recorded with producer Alan Haggarty and the band have some BIG news to disclose once the time is right.  Watch this space…


Music Street Journal:  “These guys are great. They combine a modern rock sound with classic elements of groups like The Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin. The sound is not entirely original, but it’s quite fresh. Even things like Guns ‘N Roses seem to show up in the mix here. I even heard Captain Beyond. These guys have a diverse set of influences and yet it just works”

MRU Magazine: “Thirteen-Seven are a rock trio based in Edinburgh, Scotland. On the Inside is their debut EP.

After a first listen to this record it is clear that the title track is outstanding. On their website the band cites many influences but the one that comes up most and is most apparent in the music is Alice in Chains. It is especially borne out in the title track. The song is so strong that you are left thinking how will the rest of the EP live up to it? The answer is: pretty good. There are many influences at work here and most are American.

This band is playing in the long tradition of Scottish bands and artists who sound like and are influenced by American rock and pop music, a tradition begun in the early to mid 80s with the likes of Simple Minds and Sheena Easton. These bands and artists went on to have success in the States and it would be no surprise if it happens for Thirteen Seven as well. However, there is also the influence of British bands such as Radiohead and Muse.

One of the best things about this band is its attitude. They talk and sound like a band who have already made it…the band exudes confidence and ability… if the band tries to top the success of this EP, especially its opening track, and if they keep listening to good music then they should go places”

Bannermans Rock Bar Edinburgh: “…If you haven’t seen these guys before then you need to come along-they are destined for great things…”

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