PETES ROCK NEWS & VIEWS :  “Shine Like The Sun has everything. It is heavy, it has great riffs, it has thundering drums, it has great vocals and a brilliant chorus. It is well played and I effing love it.”

PR OWLS (Shoony): “I am a fan of rock, I love a bit of loud and rebellious rock and roll (and many other genres too!), so on hearing the intro of the first song I knew this was going to be right up my street. There are a lot of superb indie bands but it’s refreshing to hear a band who are on the heavier side of alternative rock. It’s not a new concept but they are bringing something to the table with the contrast between a heavier rock sound and at times positive, thought provoking and  emotional lyrics in their songs.”


MUSIC STREET JOURNAL:  “These guys are great. They combine a modern rock sound with classic elements of groups like The Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin. The sound is not entirely original, but it’s quite fresh. Even things like Guns ‘N Roses seem to show up in the mix here. I even heard Captain Beyond. These guys have a diverse set of influences and yet it just works”

MRU MAGAZINE: “Thirteen-Seven are a rock trio based in Edinburgh, Scotland. On the Inside is their debut EP.

After a first listen to this record it is clear that the title track is outstanding. On their website the band cites many influences but the one that comes up most and is most apparent in the music is Alice in Chains. It is especially borne out in the title track. The song is so strong that you are left thinking how will the rest of the EP live up to it? The answer is: pretty good. There are many influences at work here and most are American.

This band is playing in the long tradition of Scottish bands and artists who sound like and are influenced by American rock and pop music, a tradition begun in the early to mid 80s with the likes of Simple Minds and Sheena Easton. These bands and artists went on to have success in the States and it would be no surprise if it happens for Thirteen Seven as well. However, there is also the influence of British bands such as Radiohead and Muse.

One of the best things about this band is its attitude. They talk and sound like a band who have already made it…the band exudes confidence and ability… if the band tries to top the success of this EP, especially its opening track, and if they keep listening to good music then they should go places”

BANNERMANS ROCK BAR (Edinburgh): “…If you haven’t seen these guys before then you need to come along-they are destined for great things…”


“Thirteenseven cite their influences as Nirvana, Led Zeppelin and Muse, so I think it is safe to say that their music – will be an aural rollercoaster ride, and indeed it is. The Edinburgh three-piece major on bone crunching riffs and soaring choruses. Guitarist/Singer Kenny is not afraid to show his feelings as the emotive lyrics aver. The bassist, Stephen, likes to dabble in distorted and clean sound textures in equal measure and drummer Simon builds the sound on the rockiest of foundations. Gigs and BBC Alba, what the hell! Where? When? How? – continue as I write, and they are already working on that difficult second album. Reviews talk of “epic seas of riffs and leads.” Hmmmm. Biffy Clyro spring to mind not, you’ll be surprised to note, necessarily a bad thing. Good luck to (and look out for) them, says The Leither.”

The music of Edinburgh’s Thirteenseven is a chewy, nutty candy bar of hooks and riffs that calls Muse to mind as much as it does Stone Temple Pilots. This power trio released their first recording earlier this year and are currently riding a wave of great reviews. Hear them now on the band of the week’

‘Sharp, fast alternative rock from Thirteenseven…’

“Are this band in their prime? Well they certainly like their prime numbers. Thirteen-Seven is their moniker and for once three into thirteen does go. Hailing from Edinburgh, this trio combine drums, bass and lead guitars to create soaring, modern rock that is unafraid to treat its listeners like adults.

Turn them up loud and they just sound better, fuller, cleaner and richer. The path to musical stardom is currently well trodden by jangly indie guitar bands – there are far fewer up and coming rock bands to challenge that dominance. Yet the popularity of the likes of Muse and Biffy Clyro indicates there is a huge market and appetite for bands that can write, play and sing.

If you like your music epic, tight, soaring, intelligent and emotive then Thirteenseven will be right up your street. Catch them now, and jump on their bandwagon but be quick cos Thirteenseven will be reaching their prime sooner rather than later.”

“This band takes the time-honoured, traditional approach to ensuring that you’re gonna fall under its spell and the first thing that involves is an opening track to make you go “wow!!!”. There’s a huge chorus that flows from the verses almost imperceptibly as the whole thing drives headlong into your heart with all guns blazing.
There’s simply not a less than excellent track here – fantastic guitars, driving, solid rhythms, emotive and strong sounding vocals, all delivering well arranged and superbly written songs that you want to hear again and again.”
Andy G

“Set against a cohesive, tight, driving rhythm section, the guitarist blew you away with this epic sea of riffs and leads, a vocalist who can really deliver the songs with passion and conviction… the band gave a stunning performance – hopefully it won’t be too long before they’re back”